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Gnostice Adiction : Ultimate advertisement Solution from Gnostice Pathquest team

June 10, 2009 Leave a comment

WHAT keeps the Pathquest team at Gnostice Information Technologies busy all these days?

It is the development of  completely automated Self service Server-Client system to display the pre-configured advertisement,  campaigns, Info bulletins, Announcements etc.

This highly sophisticated system has two separate modules, one to configure the database, and the other one is to Display.


Gnostice PathQuest : Self Service Kiosk Application : to Find Paths: Tech News

September 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Gnostice PathQuest : Self Service Kiosk Application : to Find Paths: Tech News :


Technology at its edge here. Gnostice Proves it again.

Gnostice develops many PDF related software units for software developers, especially in VCL technology.

In the Gnostice’s Enterprice division, they developed a kiosk based application, called PathQuest.

PathQuest is a self-service information kiosk solution for helping visitors find their way inside large facilities, such as airports, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, school and college campuses, and big office buildings.


Gnostice PathQuest

Gnostice PathQuest

They have  a highly sophisticated technologies to define an entity (any large scale facility), and to configure throuh PathQuest Interface, called the Administration Module.

A very easy robust and handy user end, viz User Module will be displayed in kiosks, with  user friendly controls and menus. They are entering the large facilities, first in Asia and later they are targeting US and Europe.

PathQuest is a highly customizable solution and can be scaled to meet varied requirements. It is easy to set up and adminster, and can easily coexist with your existing IT infrastructure. Because PathQuest helps visitors find their way on their own, it can seriously take the load off your help desk.


Read More about PathQuest here

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